Advantages of Hosted VoIP

Phone access is one of the most basic requirements of a business. Though computers are massively useful, phones are most needed for daily communications. We old, proprietary system still work, but they come with a number of otherwise preventable issues, like the high cost and the difficulty of reconfiguration as a business scales up or down. 

To address these very issues, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP was born. This is a phone system that relies on the Internet and offers quite a number of advantages compared to old telephony, including:

Ease of Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

First off, Yealink Dubai phones are easy to install, even for those who have limited technical ability. Instead of waiting on a technician to get set up your phone wiring, you can do it yourself and start using your IP phone. With hosted VoIP, this becomes even easier. New users can be added for a small cost, and you will have an Internet portal to make quick and easy changes to your system's configuration You need not install VoIP hardware or software - just IP phones.

Comprehensive Call Features

All call features necessary for business are available with PABX System Dubai , such as call divert, call hold, call hunt, conference calling, and so on and so forth. Everywhere users go, their IP phone numbers follow them.

Support for Older Technology

Another great thing about IP phones is that even older technology, such as fax, is integrated into the system. Virtual faxing or IP faxing is just another useful feature of VoIP phone systems. Even with email and instant messaging technology, there remain situations where faxes are the best option. Without requiring paper or toner, you will be able to send or receive faxes using the email you registered for your hosted VoIP system.

Cost Efficiency

If you're always looking to save money on your business communication costs, VoIP systems can be your best bet. No longer do you have to set up those old systems, reconfigure them, maintain or repair them, which are all rather expensive. Because VoIP system require none of them, you will be able to save a significant aount, especially if your business involves international transactions.


Finally, hosted VoIP systems can be integrated with business applications you normally use on a daily basis, such as placing outbound calls through Outlook, or retrieving customer information. Voice mail accounts can be accessed by traveling workers through email, and some systems even offer voice mail transcription.

As you can see, there are many benefits hosted VoIP services can offer. It's just a matter of picking the right provider, but with the Internet offering information at your fingertips (literally), this can come so much easier.